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A.  Consulting Services:  For independent clients ( B2C model)

-  We undertake architectural and interior design projects and extend comprehensive consultancy in creating 'Bio-energetically aligned and enhanced built-environments' using principles of Building Biology . This service is especially solicited by clients who wish for the scientific aspects of 'Vedic Vaastu' to be integrated within the architectural design.

Currently designing residential and hospitality projects incorporating precepts of 'Vedic Vaastu', Geopathic stresses and Building Biology - right from concept development stage.


B.  Advisory and Mentoring : For design / architectural studios ( B2B model)

We disseminate know-how of 'application oriented principles and protocols' of 'Building biology and allied disciplines of Bio-energetic Architecture' in a structured and cohesive manner with the design teams of architecture and interior design studios.

      This is done through a series of workshops, talks and technical sessions followed by hands on guidance on live ongoing projects ( It is recommended that the studios first organize an introductory talk for their team to understand the spirit and scope of Bio-energetic Architecture)

-  We also associate with design studios on  specific architectural and space design projects with the objective to integrate principles of 'bio-energetic architecture'- from design concept stage up-till construction.  This service is especially solicited by architects / studios who wish for inputs on scientific aspects of 'Vedic Vaastu' to be integrated within the architectural design.

Currently associated with 'ABRD architects' and Studio DV ( New Delhi) as Building Biologist and advisor for integrating 'Vedic Vaastu and Bio-energetic architecture' on projects and team mentoring.


Following are the workshop modules typically followed 'to dive a little deeper' into thediverse subjects that constitute Bio-energetic Architecture :

C. 'Energy assessment and alignment' of premises :

- We undertake select assignments for 'Energy assessment and alignment' of living and workplaces ( already constructed) using tools of Building Biology and Radiesthesia  and employing suitable remedial measures .


Over past year, we have completed seven projects of 'Energy assessment and alignment' with very encouraging results. 


Two such cases are shown below. These were measured and mapped graphically - both objectively ( through 'chakra' readings) and subjectively ( through a self-assessment matrix)

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