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DEVELOPMENT & WELL-BEING: A love-hate relation!

Real Development is meant to enhance the quality-of-life and #holisticwellbeing not only for human beings but all life forms on the planet!

This idea and many more engaging thoughts were mooted at the recent #developmentconclave - #DEVCON24 – a remarkable initiative by #DDFconsultats to brainstorm evolving trends and perspectives of development in #amritkaal with diverse building industry stakeholders.


This word ‘Development’ has become so aspirational from Conferences to board rooms to government manifestos to personal goals that we use it rampantly


Yet the fallout of such an aspiration escapes us.


REASON: Present definition of development is completely #humancentric and such myopic understanding has brought in it’s footsteps following in our lives:


·        Rampant Urbanisation (Read: Concretisation with increasing carbon footprint)

·        Increased events of Climatic calamities

·        Automation being equated with #SMARTbuildings

·        Pandemic of stress

·        Pall of pollution

·        Ocean of E-smog

·        Disconnect with natural elements - We have become an ‘Indoor generation’

·        Increasing disease & deteriorating mental health

·        Nearly fifth of life spent in traffic on roads!

….the list goes on!


POSSIBLE WAY-FORWARD: A simple twist in redefining development may help.

·        Appreciating that Life on our planet is beyond human existence (perhaps curtailing human footprint of the planet responsibly and rationally)

·        Honouring all life forms and not denying their right-to-exist (perhaps questioning if #consumerism is really worth celebrating the way it is done!)

·        Practicing #UBUNTU: ‘My Wellbeing’ is linked to ‘Holistic Wellbeing’ of all life forms on earth (perhaps considering other life-forms too in our agendas and goals of development)


Congratulations to team DDF for creating an effective platform through the conclave where pressing issues related to #architecture, #development and #futuretrends could be discussed.


It was an apt occasion to present the book ‘Architecture for Wellbeing- 9 precepts of Bioenergetic Architecture’ to some of the most emminent thought leaders in the field:

·        Dr. Chanrdashekhar: An emminent #healthcareexpert (who was awarded #lifetimeachievement award at the conclave)

·        Prof. (Dr)Rajiv Mishra: Principal- Sir JJ College of Art and Architecture, Mumbai

·        Prof. (Dr)Anil Deewan: HoD Architecture; SPA New Delhi

·        Prof. (Dr) Amit Bose – Director DDF Consultants

·        Ar. Shobit Chauhan – Director DDF Consultants

·        Ar. Saurabh Chanrda – Director DDF Consultants

P.S : In case you too wish to read this book, please request for your copy from the website

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