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Founder: Bioenergetic Architecture, New Delhi

Studio Advisor: ABRD, New Delhi (Atelier for Built Environment Research and Design)

External Expert: Board of Studies ( BoS); World University of Design, Sonepat     

Visiting Faculty: State University for Planning and Visual Arts, Rohtak / World University of Design, Sonepat

Guest Lecturer: School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi / LBS Rashtriya Sanskrit Mahavidyapeeth

Mentor: M.Arch ( Batch of 2019) ; Chandigarh College of Architecture                                       

Certified Building Biology Consultant (First in India from Institute for Bau Biology and Sustainability, Germany)


Currently based out of New Delhi , I practise as a consultant Architect and a Building Biologist.


Working with design studios, the focus is to ' share, train and mentor' design teams on key precepts of Bio-energetic Architecture in space design as well as advise on developing design processes for studio productivity.


With clients I 'consult and co-create ' architectural projects  with focus to integrate Bio-energetic Architecture from the very beginning.


Ongoing research in field of Bio-energetic Architecture also connects me with doctors, healers, designers and people from diverse fields.

Professional journey.....

During past 23 years, my role has morphed  from being a student ( at School of planning and architecture, New Delhi) to a practicing architect ( 1996-2008) to an associate director at RSP design consultants ( 2008-2015) to Design Principal with Lotus Design Studio (2015-2017)  and a visiting faculty of design at various architectural colleges.


This journey saw me designing and executing a diverse range of architectural and master-planning projects pan India (including IT buildings, commercial projects, group housings and many prominent institutional buildings) . Having handled over 20 million sqft. of projects as an independent consultant and in association with international and domestic architectural  design firms, I feel fortunate to have seen diverse facets of architecture and construction industry.

Since past few years, my role has emerged as a researcher and consultant of Bio-energetic Architecture  - almost like a culmination of all previous roles!


The underlying vision of initiating 'Bio-energetic Architecture' as a discipline is to consolidate in a holistic manner, all relevant domains and diverse perspectives that pertain to design of habitat and human well-being . Earnest endeavor is to create spaces that promotes 'Health, Happiness and Harmony' of those inhabiting them ; by creating a bridge between the realms of science and spirituality; physics and meta-physics and 'the subtle and the manifest' - in a dynamic , ever evolving and holistic manner . 

Undertaking this journey has undoubtedly been the most exciting aspect of my personal and professional life.


To understand and co-relate contemporary science frontiers and treasure troves of ancient Vedic knowledgeon 'Self'; has since long been my passion. This has lead me to undertake professional studies in field of 'Building Biology' ( from Institute of Building Biology+ Sustainability, Germany, 2019 as Building Biology Consultant IBN); study Vedic Vaastu science ( Ved Vigyan Mahavidyapeeth, Bangalore, 2008 and qualify as a 'Vaastu Visharad') .


To 'deep-dive' in lesser known aspects of this realm, undergoing specialized training in use of devices to measure subtle energies; learning disciplines like Radiesthesia,  Pyra-science etc. from many experts in diverse fields - helped in my pursuit. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all my teachers and mentors whose contributions have made bio-energetics and architecture come together as a 'unique layer of space design'.


Travelling, walking in the woods, meditating,reading and researching on mysteries of life and self and writing articles on 'Bio-energetic Architecture' - rejuvenates and enthralls me. 

Sketching and 'weaving stories with pen and ink' during my travels helps me express myself most joyfully !(  instagram - @vig.raman)

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