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Founder: Bio-energetic Architecture, New Delhi   

Author : Architecture for Well Being: 9 Precepts of Bioenergetic Architecture     

Certified Building Biology Consultant (Institute for Bau Biology -IBN, Germany)

Aayadi Vaastukar: certified ‘Vaastu Visharad’ (Ved Vigyan Maha Vidyapeeth)

Adjunct Professor: School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi (ongoing)

                         World University of Design, Sonepat (ongoing)

Honorary Professor: Sri Sri University-, Cuttack, Odisha (ongoing)

External Expert: Board of Studies ( BoS); World University of Design, Sonepat (ongoing)

Guest Lecturer/Visiting Faculty / Jury member/ :  IIT-Roorkee /SPA-Delhi / LBS                              Mahavidyapeeth,Chandigarh College of Architecture/SUPVA, Rohtak 

Studio Advisor: ABRD, New Delhi (Atelier for Built Environment Research and Design)

Former Design Principal: Studio Lotus, New Delhi ( 2015-2017)

Former Associate Director: RSP Design Consultants, India ( 2008-2015)

I am in deep gratitude to the Universe for helping me live my dream by pursuing my passions of being involved in multiple dimensions of design, and self growth.

Currently I am based out of New Delhi  and my life as a consultant Architect, a Building Biologist and an Aayadi Vaastukar revolves around following four roles:


  • Designing architectural projects pan India and sharing my passion for 'ARCHITECTURE FOR WELL BEING' in my projects. I specialize in making very quick Concept Design Packages ( CDP) for my clients with focus to integrate 9 Precepts of Bio-energetic Architecture from the very beginning. In select cases also develop Detail Construction Packages ( DCP) if the clients or local architects request for such support.

  • Associating with design studios to ' design, share and train'  budding designers and architects on key precepts of Bio-energetic Architecture in space design through workshops and by collaborating as 'Bioenergy consultant'. Most offices find my inputs valuable while implementing vaastu principles.

  • As 'a studio advisor' I mentor budding architectural practices in 'DEVELOPING RESILIENT DESIGN PRACTICES' that can develop profitable business models, develop sound design values, integrate efficient sysyems in practice and stay relevant in the coming decade. This involves in helping core team finding their IKIGAI and streamlining and re-defining many studio processes....but it's all fun and exploration!


  • Continuing research in field of Bio-energetic Architecture and contributing to architectural pedagogy as a visiting professor to various Design and Architecture colleges pan India .... to kindle the joy of looking at life and space design from a new - 'the energetic perspective'

Professional journey.....

During past 27 years, my role has morphed  from being a student ( at School of planning and architecture, New Delhi) to a practicing architect ( 1996-2008) to an associate director at RSP design consultants ( 2008-2015) to Design Principal with Lotus Design Studio (2015-2017)  and a visiting faculty of design at various architectural colleges.


This journey saw me designing and executing a diverse range of architectural and master-planning projects pan India (including IT buildings, commercial projects, group housings and many prominent institutional buildings) . Having handled over 20 million sqft. of projects as an independent consultant or in association with international and domestic architectural  design firms, I feel fortunate to have seen diverse facets of architecture and construction industry.

Since past few years, my role has emerged as a researcher and consultant of Bio-energetic Architecture  - almost like a culmination of all previous roles!


The underlying vision of initiating 'Bio-energetic Architecture' as a discipline is to consolidate in a holistic manner, all relevant domains and diverse perspectives that pertain to design of habitat and human well-being . Earnest endeavor is to create spaces that promotes 'Health, Happiness and Harmony' of those inhabiting them ; by creating a bridge between the realms of science and spirituality; physics and meta-physics and 'the subtle and the manifest' - in a dynamic , ever evolving and holistic manner . 

Undertaking this journey has undoubtedly been the most exciting aspect of my personal and professional life.


To understand and co-relate contemporary science frontiers and treasure troves of ancient Vedic knowledgeon 'Self'; has since long been my passion. This has lead me to undertake professional studies in field of 'Building Biology' ( from Institute of Building Biology+ Sustainability, Germany, 2019 as Building Biology Consultant IBN); study Vedic Vaastu science ( Ved Vigyan Mahavidyapeeth, Bangalore, 2008 and qualify as a 'Vaastu Visharad') .


To 'deep-dive' in lesser known aspects of this realm, undergoing specialized training in use of devices to measure subtle energies; learning disciplines like Radiesthesia,  Pyra-science etc. from many experts in diverse fields - helped in my pursuit. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all my teachers and mentors whose contributions have made bio-energetics and architecture come together as a 'unique layer of space design'.


Travelling, walking in the woods, meditating,reading and researching on mysteries of life and self and writing articles on 'Bio-energetic Architecture' - rejuvenates and enthralls me. 

Sketching and 'weaving stories with pen and ink' during my travels helps me express myself most joyfully !(  instagram - @vig.raman)

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