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'Bio-energetic Architecture' is a new and little known domain 

For ensuring a systematic knowledge dissemination about this subject, it's benefits and it's applications, the 'outreach initiative' are designed to offer :

a. A Talk session ( approx. 90 min.)

b. Customized Workshop Modules 

If you wish to dive deeper into this subject it is best to participate in a talk or host a talk session (at your studio/ office ). This will help you decide which kind of workshop modules are suitable for your requirements .For more information, mail to or drop a message on our homepage !

The ' talk session' is complimentary for Educational Institutions ( within National Capital Region ) and at a nominal contribution for studios,office forums and educational institutions (outside Delhi)



Introductory talk and presentation on Bio-energetic Architecture

( The 'How's and Why's' of Bio-energetic Architecture is shared through an interactive talk session)

Some recent talks and presentations with groups from diverse domains:

Bangalore and Coimbatore 'Studio Talk Series '

( Oct 17 to Oct 20 , 2019)

Studio talks on how to apply Bioenergetic Architecture in design at:

#mayapraxis #shastriandassociates #Manjunath&Co #Centerforsoftpower #ritambhara

Talk with 'Studio Lotus' team at MIXX Ecperience Center, Gurugram

( 31 August 2019 )

#studiolotus #studiotalk #Buildingbiology #Bioenergeticarchitecture #MIXXexperiencecenter



Talk at 'ABRD architects' , New Delhi

( Open invitation to clients, consultants, studio team members, friends ,25 July 2019 )

#ABRDarchitects #studiotalk #Buildingbiology #Bioenergeticarchitecture



Talk at 'The Mother's International School' , New Delhi

( With senior staff members discussing the

'Secrets of Well Being through Bio-energetic Architecture', June 2019 )

#TheMIStalk #secretsofwellbeing #Buildingbiology #Bioenergeticarchitecture

Talk at 'The Indian Foreign Service Institute, New Delhi

( Addressing the graduating batch of IFS officers, May 2019 )

#ABRDarchitects #studiotalk #Buildingbiology #Bioenergeticarchitecture

Talk at 'The Tea Room at Alaya' , Rajpur Road, Dehradun

( With an eclectic group at a soulful cafe cum design studio - June 2019 )

#Thetearoomatalaya #dehradun #Rajpurroad #Buildingbiology #Bioenergeticarchitecture

Talk at 'RSP Gurgaon office'

( Discussing Bio-energetic Design with an engaging group of architects, January 2019 )

#RSParchitects #studiotalk #Buildingbiology #Bioenergeticarchitecture

Talk at 'The State University for Planning and Architecture', Rohtak

( With senior students and faculty members , March 2019)

#SUPVA #talk #Buildingbiology #Bioenergeticarchitecture


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