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We are passionate about designing
'Architecture for Wellbeing'

Our designs are rooted in 9 Precepts of Bioenergetic Architecture
Following video gives a glimpse of 'lesser known aspects'
impact wellbeing that inform all our designs

Listed below are our projects pan India for which we have designed Concept Design Packages (CDP). For some of these projects we also provided construction drawings where clients needed such support.



For Project Inquiries reach us at : /

Gurusharnam, a Home cum mediattion center at Indore

 GURUSHARNAM: a home & meditation center, Indore

 GURUSHARNAM: a home & meditation center, Indore

A detailed construction drawing docket
explaining all details was prepared for this project and issued before the start of project

This facilitate comprehensive understanding of project by contractor which also leads to better rates and timely completion of project

SHAANTAM : A wellness resort, Rishikesh

Wellness resort at Rishikesh

THREE PYRAMID RESORT: St.Moritz, Switzerland

Aerial view of three pyramid resort, switzerland

( Designed for an International ideas competition)

Tribal Crafts and Cultural Center, Dimapur, Nagaland

Crafts center at dimapur, india

 House at Ayodhaya, Uttar Pradesh

SPA interiors for a hotel

Refurbishment of two flats into One living unit, Mumbai

( Designed as per precepts of Aayadi Vaastu)

Interiors of two flats in mumbai based on Aayadi vaastu

Our Research Projects & Investigations

Following are some of the investigations that we undertook in recent years


Feel free to share your thoughts with us

if these results make you curious !

Investigation 1- Comparative analysis of spaces made with natural and synthetic materials on human bio-field ( April 2018)


Investigation 2- Affect of lunar eclipse on water (July 2019)


Investigation 3 - Affect of Lunar eclipse on food ( July2018)


Investigation 4 - Impact of Cell and laptop on 'Auric field' ( November 2018)

Following graphs depict results of some of our studies where we balanced the energies of existing houses and mapped the 'Holistic Wellbeing' of the residents thereafter over a period of 2-4 months

Left graphs show mapping on our signature 'Well being matrix' that is a three pronged system to assess wellbeing


Right graphs depict the health of the 'chakras' or the bio-meridian hubs of the subjects mapped over months after doing energy harmonizing of spaces where they lived.

Wellbeing matrix
Measuring health of chakras

These studies and above investigations are part of our ongoing efforts to understand how we can harmonize 'the subtle and the gross' environments so as to create positive built-environments. Needless to say that there are many variables at play and much more robust experimentation is needed for conclusive deductions.

However, outcomes and clients' feedback have been significantly positive and such observations have guided our path for further work in this field

Wellbeing matrix
Measuring health of chakras
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