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Architectural Projects designed as per the precepts of

'Bioenergetic Architecture'

1. SHAANTAM: a wellness resort designed for 'Holistic Well-being'

BA03-Ayodhaya house.jpg
Hill house at Ooty (1).png

Research Projects and Investigations

Our sincere endeavor is to collaborate and associate with entrepreneurs and professionals from domains of construction, medicine, design and undertake research and investigations - especially in the field of 'Space therapy' ( Science of designing spaces that heal and facilitate recuperation )



Some of the recently concluded investigations:

Investigation 1- Comparative analysis of spaces made with natural and synthetic materials on human bio-field ( April 2018)


Investigation 2- Affect of lunar eclipse on water (July 2019)


Investigation 3 - Affect of Lunar eclipse on food ( July2018)


Investigation 4 - Impact of Cell and laptop on 'Auric field' ( November 2018)

              Reach for more details on research and collaboration at :


                       ( whatsapp only +91 9810393390) 

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