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Architectural Projects designed as per the precepts of

'Bioenergetic Architecture'

1. SHAANTAM: a wellness resort designed for 'Holistic Well-being'


Research Projects and Investigations

Our sincere endeavor is to collaborate and associate with entrepreneurs and professionals from domains of construction, medicine, design and undertake research and investigations - especially in the field of 'Space therapy' ( Science of designing spaces that heal and facilitate recuperation )



Some of the recently concluded investigations:

Investigation 1- Comparative analysis of spaces made with natural and synthetic materials on human bio-field ( April 2018)


Investigation 2- Affect of lunar eclipse on water (July 2019)


Investigation 3 - Affect of Lunar eclipse on food ( July2018)


Investigation 4 - Impact of Cell and laptop on 'Auric field' ( November 2018)

              Reach for more details on research and collaboration at :


                       ( whatsapp only +91 9810393390)

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