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Useful Weblinks (…. to dive deeper and unearth the truth about radiations around us ! )

We live in a world where for every fact , there are two ’counter-facts and for every scientific study that concludes a phenomenon ( especially related to human health), there are as many studies that prove the fact otherwise !

It is an open secret that more often than not, industry funded researches are commissioned only to counter independent researches – ONLY to diminish their credibility and safeguard commercial interests of the sponsors.

Owing to this tussle between independent research and market forces ( read : ‘ industry sponsored researches’) , it took nearly 50 years for tobacco and cigarettes to be categorized carcinogenic ; it took 100 years for Formaldehyde to be categorized carcinogenic and same happened in case of asbestos ( which is still not banned in many countries including Canada, US and Mexico!)

In all cases, it is the human beings who are made guinea pigs and decades go by before facts are known – but at a huge cost to human health and life.

With such paradoxical inputs coming our way, how does one go about finding the truth and make correct choices ? There is no simple answer to this.

Following are some links provided to bring forth those researches ( mostly independent and non-sponsored ) which can show us the “other side of the coin” of researches on Electromagnetic radiations.

You are requested to explore, study and arrive at your own conclusions – which is always the best way to decide and make life-choices!

Cell phones and their adverse impact on health

Few weblinks (of many hundreds!)

Few YOUTUBE links - on ‘addictive’ impact of cell phones on users!

5G and Internet of things ( IoT)

: creating a global microwave oven

Few weblinks

YOUTUBE links on how ‘biologically un-smart’ 5G technology really is !

Microwave cooking and it’s biological harms

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