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A reassuring ‘Pat-on-the-back’!

The book ‘ARCHITECTURE FOR WELLBEING – 9 PRECEPTS OF BIO-ENERGETIC ARCHITECTURE’ was never intended ONLY for architects and designers.

The desire was to reach out to people from all walks of life and share ‘the-little-known’ aspects of well being in a manner that can be understood and used by all : whether be a school teacher or a business man; a professional or a developer; a student or an artist; a doctor or a lawyer – anyone and everyone who seeks the 3 H- Health , Happiness and Harmony in life could benefit from the book.

This ‘unexpected’ review of the book by none other than a DIRECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE (former); a most distinguished citizen with plethora of designations and awards to his credit; is indeed a shot-in-the-arm. Words of appreciation coming from him are both humbling and encourage me in my mission to take ARCHITECTURE FOR WELL-BEING across the entire spectrum of our society.

A heartfelt gratitude to you Sir!

P.S: The book is available at a discount on

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