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Three years ago, on 14 April 2019, a thought-wave crystallized as 'Architecture for Well being'.

The intent was simple : facilitate Health, Happiness and Harmony through design of spaces....


Celebrating this day with you by sharing this clip from my book

'ARCHITECTURE FOR WELL BEING- 9 Precepts of Bio-energetic Architecture '.

Knowledge of these precepts can even be imbibed in our day-today lifestyle choices besides integrating in building design.

The ‘Nine Precepts of Bio-energetic Architecture’ articulate a systematic framework that offers key direction for space design and architecture. Each precept may be imagined like a ‘nugget that addresses a unique aspect of space design’.

The first five of aforementioned precepts relate to the five basic elements ( panch-maha-bhutas : earth, water, fire, air and space) that are known to be the causal components of the ‘manifest world’.

· The precept of ‘Telluric fields’ is about earth element

· The precept of ‘Vitalized water’ looks at water element

· The precept of ‘Luminosity’ is about fire element in the form of light

· The precept of ‘Indoor climate’ focuses on air element and

· Lastly the precept of ‘Field free space’ looks at the space element

Creating built environment that helps re-establish connections with nature and facilitates re-alignment of body-mind-spirit with the five basic elements (in as pure a form as practically possible) is the greatest task for any ‘conscious space design’.

· The sixth precept of ‘materials and surfaces’ deals with the building blocks, the raw material and finishes that are used in construction of spaces.

The last three precepts of Bio-energetic Architecture, however, are in a completely different league. These are:

· The Precept of Aayadi vaastu

· The Precept of Shape science

· The Precept of Ubuntu

These three precepts of design are about the ‘subtle and non-measurable’ realm of our existence. Present day science is in the process of developing tools to quantify their effects, and more research is needed to actually be able to decipher the ‘mechanism of impact’ of these precepts.....even though their impact on human well being is undeniable and proven!

The final objective is to seamlessly integrate as many of these precepts as feasible in designing the built environment and where possible with the lifestyle choices…..and the recipe for spontaneous Wellbeing is in place!

The underlying science behind each of these precepts have been addressed in detail in the book available on amazon by it's title.

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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
Apr 14, 2022

Great! concept is very Useful 👌👌

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