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Decoding ‘Fresh Indoor Air’ - A paper presented at ITCSD2020

How to achieve clean INDOOR AIR when outdoor air is so polluted (...and we are NOT talking about air purifiers!). This is a BIG question for most urban earthlings across the globe.

While most of us know about outdoor air pollution, not many are aware that it's the quality of 'Indoor air' that really matters to most since on an average an urban earthling spends 90% of life in enclosed environments.

While indoor air quality is related to outdoor air yet there are MANY more aspects of indoor air that impact HUMAN HEALTH and COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE - more than particulate matter ( P.M 2.5)

Sharing a recently presented a paper on this topic at the International Conference for Innovative technologies for Clean and Sustainable Development ( ITCSD2020).

Sharing the paper link herewith ...

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