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( No…. it’s not about elections 😊 )


On the auspicious day of 14 April 2019 (it was ‘Baisakhi’), the domain of Bioenergetic Architecture ( now officially trade marked in India!) was founded with Divine Blessings of Sri Sri.


Five years of designing, sharing and researching Architecture for Wellbeing.


Five years of receiving tremenduous love and curiosity from fellow travellers on the path of holistic wellbeing - far and wide, known and unknown.


Heart is overwhelmed with gratitude as well as excitement! Excitement for what lies ahead ….. new initiatives, new collaborations and new projects.


Wherever abundance of life-force and balance of five elements is achieved (by space design or any other means) holistic wellbeing manifests spontaneously!


Sharing 5 by 5:  a glimpse of 5 chosen projects designed over past five years. All of these were designed per framework of 9 Precepts of Bioenergetic Architecture to show that proof of pudding is in the eating!



Also excited to share our ‘Four-fold’ initiatives to promote Architecture for Wellbeing.


If any of the following initiative interests you, feel free to mail/message us your thoughts and desire. We will be delighted to connect and collaborate on how you can learn, apply, benefit from and perhaps even become an ‘Ambassodor of Wellbeing’ yourself!


·        Masterclass on ‘Architecture for Wellbeing’ – a complimentary social service initiative pan India for all groups of people – Corporate offices, institutions, schools & colleges, meditators, artists and any groups keen for holistic wellbeing.( Option for Intensive workshops also available)


·        Bioenergetic Architecture Design Solutions – Offering Concept Design Packages as well as full consulting services (on need basis) for all types of building projects pan India.


·        Teaming with Architectural Design firms as Bioenergetic Design consultant on their new projects to help design teams integrate 9 Precepts of Bioenergetic Architecture right at concept design stage!


·        Professional Mentorship for budding architects/ young and old architectural design firms: A unique initiative offering mentorship to all architectural offices into the finer nuances of managing a design practice that is Profitable, Impactful and Relevant through fast changing times and sharing more than 27 years of professional experience!


For more details on above initiatives click here:


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