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Dimensions of Bio-energetic Architecture

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

As a vision, Bio-energetic Architecture aspires to create spaces that promote 'Health, Happiness and Harmony' of those inhabiting it ; by designing 'the subtle and invisible' realms of a space along with ' the gross and manifest' dimensions, in a holistic manner.

As a discipline , Bio-energetic Architecture seamlessly amalgamates with mainstream space design process, the appropriate aspects of Building Biology, Shape science, Vedic Vaastu and contemporary research from fields of bio-energetic medicine, quantum physics, domain of bio-rhythms and bio fields, radiesthesia and more.

As an 'layer' of space design , Bio-energetic Architecture has potential to achieve the following by integrating the design interventions of building biology as well as allied sciences with the mainstream architectural design :

- Enhanced physical and mental well being of inhabitants in residential environments

- Enhanced productivity and sense of well-being in work environments

- Enhanced recuperation and reduced relapse rate in medical environments

As an initiative , 'Bio-energetic Architecture' extends training consulting and advisory services ( read more in OUTREACH )

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