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Our possessions possess us....we know this fact deep within as we are unable to get rid of them.....clutter in our environment resonates with clutter within our minds....clearing up one leads to clearing of the other.... spontaneously!

'Yat pinde...tat brahmande'!

So goes the shloka from vedic shastras which states that:

'As is is microcosm'

'As is is within'

This is the principle on which the science of vaatu and sthapathya ved pivots. When we align, arrange and augment our external environment, our internal environment ( our thoughts, our mental space) resonates with the space that 'contains us' ( our home or workplace).

Clutter accumulates in our material driven, consumer- centric and sensory focused life. Whatever is used complements out life but much becomes useless as we outgrow it ( physically or mentally). Such clutter needs to be taken out periodically to cleanse the inner space ....given, donated or gifted so that it may benefit someone who needs it more than us.

This simple act can bring immense feeling of 'lightness and expansion within'.

Try it...and let me know!

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