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SHAANTAM : A wellness resort at Rishikesh : designed for 'HOLISTIC REJUVENATION'

( click below to see the Fly-through of this project)

When ‘SHAANTAM: a wellness resort in Rishikesh’ wanted to double their capacity on an adjoining plot, the design precepts of BIOENERGETIC ARCHITECTURE paved way to make ‘Holistic Well Being’ centric to the architectural design. The proposed facility (perhaps one of the first) is consciously designed to facilitate ‘ENERGETIC REJUVENATION’ for the guests - besides physical and mental relaxation.

The nine week process of developing the Concept Design Package ( CDP) for this project was a process of evolution of ideas.

Right from analyzing the site from vedic vaastu precepts and planning accordingly; to orienting the rooms (especially bedheads) most favorably geomagnetically; to deploying all relevant aspects of building biology in architecture; to choosing materials, lights and specifications that harmonize the ‘bio-field’; to ‘creating field free’ environment – the design imbibes multiple dimensions of Bioenergetically harmonized architecture.

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