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The Alps Wellness retreat ( St. Moritz)

The three Pyramid Resort : The lesser known aspects……A fly-through around the Wellness Resort in Swiss Alps by lake St.Moritz…… When ‘Well Being’ is defined holistically by including the Energetic Wellness besides Physical and Emotional Wellness; the ‘Architecture for Wellbeing’ evolves spontaneously.

When an ideas competition offered a spectacular site for a wellness retreat and the focus was primarily on ideas to create built environment for ‘Holistic Wellness’, it was just the right opportunity to implement the Precepts of Bio-energetic Architecture into design.

Bringing a ‘rhythmic quality to the design, spreading the built-form through the site to explore all vantage view points yet have an all-weather movement; connecting all guests with the ‘five elements in nature’ and make the architecture merge with the environment – these were some start points of design.

Eventually three pyramidal forms became nodes that tied three key components of the design – the Entrance zone, the Wellness Block and the meditation zone. 27 rooms, some having skylight to view the stars while in bed…..were ‘tucked into the terrain’…between three nodes; with each room offering a spectacular view of the lake.

Following fly-through and videos unfold the salient design features:

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