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Wellness Zone : Redefined

CONSTRAINTS are one side of the coin……CREATIVITY is the other side!

‘Meditation Rooms’ are being considered by high end hospitality as essential component of their Wellness Zones.

A leading five star hotel in New Delhi wanted to re-furbish their Wellness Zone.

Refurbishing a seating area into a meditation room and integrating it with the SPA zone a leading five star hotel in New Delhi offered host of challenges and constrains.

In a small space, the flavor of ‘five-elements’ was introduced through Earth (stone and wood), water (fountain), air ( gongs and chimes), fire ( lamps and lights) and space ( singing bowls and minimal layout).

The idea is simple: The moment guests can align with ‘five elements’ ( panch-mahabhoot); meditation and relaxation happens spontaneously….since we too are created from same ‘panch-tatvas’

The idea was much loved and well received.

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