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What is Bio-energetic Architecture?

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Bioenergetics is the science of energy transformation and exchange within living beings and their environment. (

Taking forth the essence of this definition , 'Bio-energetic Architecture' is best defined as a discipline that integrates the principles of 'energy and information fields' as well as 'the fundamental laws of life' and the 'mathematics of universe' within the process of designing space ; so as to create built environments that are 'energetically aligned to have benign affect on human bio-fields' besides imbibing all the desirable qualities of 'conscious and responsible' architecture.

There are multiple disciplines that study and contribute towards human well being and all of these merge to create 'Bio-energetic architecture'. Each science comes with it's own 'tools and trade-offs' and the real skill lies in achieving 'a seamless integration of these as a distinct integrated design discipline' through various stages of an architectural project. Following are some key constituents that contribute to unique DNA of Bio-energetic architecture :

Bio geometry, Building Biology ( including electro-biology, Geo-biology, radio-biology ), Science of forms ( pyramidal energetics ) Universal mathematics ( e.g Golden ratio, Fibonacci series and proportions of pi and phi) ,Science of Geopathy, Science of Water ( as fluid information carrier), Fundamental precepts of Scientific Vaastu (radiation streams, direction science and five elements) , Quantum physics ( including dynamics of Consciousness), Bio-resonance ( including human aura and chakras) ,physics (of frequencies of colours , sounds, shapes) and material sciences ( involving aspects of building materials and specifications)

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A very interesting field and very well explained. I am sure this is a field that is bound to see manifold growth in the future


Kumar Abhishek
Kumar Abhishek
Apr 11, 2019

Very informative

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