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It was on this day, 14 April in 2019, an auspicious day marking the festival of Baisakhi, that the mission to create a design framework for Architecture for Well-being manifested as :


Intention was simple: facilitate HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND HARMONY through space design!

Following as few milestones reached over past 4 years :

· Launch of a dedicated website and youtube channel on the subject


· CoA ( The Council of Architecture) endorses the book and provides copies of same across libraries of more than 400 architecture colleges pan India.

· Subject of Bio-energetic architecture being published in reputed magazine platforms like : LIFE POSITIVE ; A+D (Architecture plus Design) ; and JIIA ( Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects)

· Seven diverse projects designed pan india (from Nagaland to Rishikesh; from Ooty to Indore and Ayodhya!) implementing precepts of Bio-energetic Architecture

· Scores of talks and workshops pan India introducing people from all walks of life on the science behind well being through spaces we inhabit

· Talks and Faculty development program (FDP) based on Architecture for Well being in 5 major colleges/ faculty of Architecture in universities across India!

· Numerous posts and blogs explaining simple ways to achieve holistic well being

….and this is just the beginning!

Delighted to share some excerpts from the book explaining WHY, WHAT and HOW of this domain.

( Note: Book is available on the website at 50% discount till 16April 2023 )

Bio-energetic Architecture: A paradigm shift in design consciousness

BIOENERGETICS is the science of energy transformations and energy exchanges within and between living things and their environments.

Merriam-Webster dictionary

Why Bio-energetic Architecture?

What is Bio-energetic Architecture?

Bio-energetic Architecture is a multi-disciplinary approach to create spaces that can facilitate ‘health, happiness and harmony’ in the lives of those who inhabit such ‘conscious spaces’. It is a discipline that seamlessly integrates through 9 Precepts of design the domains of ‘subtle energies’, Shape science, Vedic Vaastu, Building Biology and more with the process of habitat design.

How Bio-energetic Architecture works

A strong and balanced ‘Bio-field’ (Prana-shakti ) is the secret key to physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. Happiness and harmony (within and with world around) are spontaneous outcomes of holistic health.

The aim and core approach of Bio-energetic Architecture is to ‘enhance, expand and reinforce’ the bio-field (Prana-shakti) of inhabitants; thereby facilitating health, happiness and harmony in the lives of inhabitants.

One of the biggest challenges of current times is absence of a ‘holistic’ discipline that can integrate the ‘cutting edge’ contemporary science as well as ‘vedic wisdom’ and ‘meta-physical’ domain of subtle energies – to address the problems that humanity has created for itself and for other life-forms on earth in recent decades.

Our current pursuit for truth is either through a purely ’scientific’ approach or through entirely ‘spiritual’ approach. We seem to forget that ‘life exists as a WHOLE’ and life is not concerned with the silos we create as humans to understand it.

Bio-energetic Architecture aspires to provide an ‘all encompassing’ approach to space design that bridges science and human body and mind. It attempts to harness the best of physics as well as meta-physics in a seamless manner to create ‘positive spaces’.

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