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Life of a project-from drawing board to ground break – this journey is very little know to public-at-large. The detailing and co-ordination amongst the office of architect, structural consultant and Mechanical ( Air-conditioning primarily) Electrical ( lighting and automation)and plumbing - together called MEP engineers : is an intricate and tedious process often spanning few months.

To quote Ar.Mies Vander Rohe: God is in detail : to achieve a level of detail that is resolved gracefully and yet remains simple to build- this itself is a herculean task in bespoke designs.

Sharing a glimpse of construction drawing package of a house that was designed as per aayadi vaastu dictates. This design is also first of it’s kind that incorporates all 9 design precepts of Bio-energetic Architecture.

Following are just few features at a glance:

· Creating designs based on Aayadi vaastu entails detail calculations to arrive at a grid module which resonates best with the occupants ( it’s an amazing science of creating dimensional resonance; extensively used in ancient temple architecture with precise formulae). It further required a very precise setting out drawings and subsequent site-checks to achieve a dimensional precision of 3mm between some critical finished walls.

· Design of circadian lighting ( but without wi-fi!) with ample day-lighting in each space and connect with outdoors through extra large openings.

· ‘Field-free’ bedrooms with demand switches that mitigate electric and magnetic fields from wires in walls

· Landscape features the ‘Infinity-walk’ known to have exception health benefits

· A central courtyard with the energetic Vara-mahalakshmi mandala

· Completely private sun decks and washrooms with direct sun ( ensuring privacy) for sun-soaking

· Neutralizing of geopathic stress lines( at plinth stage)

· State of art automation on DC voltage PoE ( Power over Ethernet)system and not Wi-fi

· Use of lime mortar, plaster and most materials with good hygroscopic properties – for interiors and exteriors

· Complete recycling of water creating a zero-discharge site

· A highly efficient central air-conditioning system with VRV technology

· Solar array for photovoltaic power generation and net-metering with grid

· Complete solid waste management

· Employing only regional crafts and materials to embellish surfaces

…and more

All these has been integrated with a view to create most positive vibes, a health indoor environment that are intended to enhance the bio-field of the occupants.

Construction shall commence soon....approvals are awaited.

Hereon begins an amazing journey in life of architect where the project grows ( like one’s baby) – brick by brick!

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