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More than 70% of plots in cities are not aligned to cardinal directions. Designing a house that is 'geo-magnetically aligned' on such plots without their form seeming 'out of place' w.r.t the neighborhood poses a challenge .... a simple 'green screen' of climbers and a 'perforated brick jali staircase' took care of the odd edges and corners that were created due to N-S orientation in the design of 'House at Ayodhaya' and helped create harmony with the street view.

There have been many instances when nothing from 'past experience or reference' could offer way forward for a design challenge......that is when an 'intuitive idea' arising from a 'quiet mind' came forth as a solution that just seemed so melodious....that makes one feel we are more of 'conduit for ideas instead of originator of ideas'....ideas are like 'downloads' from some little known realm.....and ' energy aligned spaces' can facilitate this unusual but 'matter-of-fact' phenomenon...and creating such spaces the essence of Bioenergetic Architecture!

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