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The making of SHAANTAM - a wellness resort at Rishikesh

When ‘SHAANTAM: a wellness resort in Rishikesh’ wanted to double their capacity on an adjoining plot, the design precepts of BIOENERGETIC ARCHITECTURE paved way to make ‘Holistic Well Being’ centric to the architectural design. The proposed facility (perhaps one of the first) is consciously designed to facilitate ‘ENERGETIC REJUVENATION’ for the guests - besides physical and mental relaxation.

Right from analyzing the site from vedic vaastu precepts and planning accordingly; to orienting the rooms (especially bedheads) most favorably geomagnetically; to deploying all relevant aspects of building biology in architecture; to choosing materials, lights and specifications that harmonize the ‘bio-field’; to ‘creating field free’ environment – the design imbibes multiple dimensions of Bioenergetically harmonized architecture.

Three distinct types of units were designed to suite the site as well as create architectural variety in a modest plot size and also create some diversity ‘rack rate range’.


The Machaan Villa was conceived as a 360 degree view villa. A linear lavish washroom opens towards the hillside at the rear and a panoramic view of the valley unveils from all three sides with a Juliet balcony for the upper guest room. The stilts of two such blocks offers space for activities like gymnasium and semi-covered play areas.


The precepts of STHAPATHYA VED generated the grid for this unique ‘Shakti villa’ at the Shaantam Wellness Resort , Rishikesh.

Topped with a glass pyramid, oriented to true N-S axis and internal layout like entrance, sleeping zones, study and fireplace etc. responding to precepts of VEDIC VAASTU, this space is meant to REJUVENATE THE GUESTS ENERGETICALLY AS WELL.

Multilevel decks offer the guests a private access to the zen pond below- which doubles as rainwater reservoir too!


This 12 room ‘Valley View Suite Block’ at Shaantam, Rishikesh is raised on the stilts for catching the best views from above the tree tops! Entering right at the first floor through a wooden walkway from lift core; all rooms enjoy the spectacular valley view and lavish bath areas with rain showers open towards the hill view – for all rooms.

A ‘Bakery lounge’ ; a ‘Cave café’ , a multi-activity space on stilts and a multi-tiered lawn for variety of gatherings – all these are designed to complement the existing Shaantam facility and create a destination for ‘HOLISTIC WELL BEING’!


The client desired to create 'a resort with a flavor of a retreat' where there is SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE that rejuvenates holistically - physically, mentally and energetically.

To meet this brief, besides an eclectic collection of villas, 9 JEWELS OF SHAANTAM were designed and integrates in landscape - as features that will appeal to diverse tastes of guests.

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