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Human Bio-field , Immunity and Toxin overload

A strong and balanced ‘Bio-field’ (also known as ‘Prana-shakti’ or ‘Chetna’ in India, ‘Chi’ in or ‘Qi’ in Oriental expression or commonly as ‘aura’) is the basis of good physical, mental and spiritual health. Our state of ‘Well Being’; both within and with the world around us, are the spontaneous outcomes of ‘experiencing good health holistically’.

Understanding Biofield

Most oriental traditions knew about the realm of life force (or Prana-shakti) since thousands of years. They even devised sophisticated systems to protect and enhance it so people could lead a healthy life just by aligning well to the cosmic forces and elements of nature. Yet this ‘natural force’ that is characteristic of all living beings, was never recognized as a distinctive ‘force of nature’ by the contemporary science. The western science continued to believe and operate with the premise that entire universe works with four fundamental force fields viz.: gravitation force filed, electromagnetic filed, weak nuclear and strong nuclear forces. It was only in 1994, the term ‘biofield’ was proposed and adopted at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) . They defined biofield as “a massless field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.”

Dr.Beverly Rubik, (PhD, Bio-Physicist and Advisory Panel Member to the National Institutes of Health, US); describes the Biofield as a matrix of natural electromagnetic fields that connect cells, tissues and organs and serve as the main communication network and regulator of life processes’. She summarizes: We all are essentially ‘electrical beings’.

Biofield and Immunity

Our ‘Biofield’ is our ‘subtle body’, or say an ‘energetic envelop’ that surrounds us. It is the first level of our ‘Being’ that gets impact whenever any change occurs in our environment.

Any disease appears as ‘discontinuity or disruption’ of our biofield – weeks before it manifests on the cellular or physical level. A paper by Dr.David Muehsam ( from National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems, Bologna, Italy; and Consciousness and Healing Initiative, San Diego, California) explains:

‘Biofield interactions may bring about regulation of biochemical, cellular, and neurological processes through means related to electromagnetism, quantum fields, and perhaps other means of modulating biological activity and information flow. The biofield paradigm, in contrast to a reductionist, chemistry-centric viewpoint, emphasizes the informational content of biological processes.

Current perception of linking immunity mainly to the presence of correct and adequate ‘chemical components’ in the body is not flawed but it is not complete in itself. It is the ‘information matrix’ of one’s biofield that triggers and controls the functioning of all biochemical processes in our body. Simply put: The ‘subtle and invisible’ governs the ‘gross and manifest’! Understanding the dynamics of ‘enhancing, expanding and reinforcing’ the biofield is the basis of the emerging domains of ‘Energy Medicine’ and ‘Bioenergetic Architecture’

‘Toxin Overload’ on Earthlings!

In the world we have created for ourselves, our bodies are bombarded with more toxins than ever before These toxins can be best described as ‘load’ that our body’s immune system has to counter. It’s important to understand that commonly the environmental and lifestyle generated ‘toxin loads’ are known. However, it is the energetic loads that impact the human biofield foremost . Following image describes the nature of different ‘Toxin loads’.

It is important to know that many aforementioned loads act on our bodies simultaneously. Our biofield is constantly getting impacted (and it is also resisting/impacting back!) numerous ‘loads’. Whenever the ‘cumulative load effect’ diminishes or distorts our biofield for a long time, it beings to manifest in the physical realm of cells as disease.

The silver lining …..

Much is known and written about handling environment and lifestyle generated ‘toxin loads’ : Quit smoking, exercise regularly, de-stress with exercise, yoga and meditation, maintain good hygiene and breathe in good air etc.

However, it is the mitigation of ‘energetic toxin loads’ that can magically enhances the biofield which leads to spontaneous boosting of immunity and drastic improvement in body’s self-healing ability. Simple steps like ‘Management of our Electromagnetic environment’, detecting and neutralizing geopathic stress points ( especially in our sleep zones), aligning the spaces we inhabit with the natural elements applying vedic sciences ( so that our body is in resonance with cosmic energy fields) and finally, resolving to practice and promote a positive outlook in life – these simple interventions can easily and effectively take care of the energetic toxin loads.

As we stand on the threshold of the third decade of 21st century, new ‘habitat and lifestyle related challenges’ are impelling us to explore fresh outlooks towards space and lifestyle design. Creating a robust ‘shield of biofield’ and mitigating energetic toxin loads through space design is centric to the initiative of Bioenergetic Architecture – bringing a paradigm shift in the way built-environment is perceived.

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