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A contemporary house rooted in vernacular principles, spread on a sprawling acre, for a ‘Spiritually- Graced- family’ at Indore, offered an amazing canvas for applying all the 9 precepts of Bio-energetic Architecture..... after all what use is knowledge if it cannot be applied practically!

The design program needed to provide for a mediation hall for 25-30 people, a Work-from-home (WFH) block, a shed for cows, home for support staff, besides the main house spaces of house for a family of five.

From precise calculations to develop the Vaastu Purusha Mandala ( VPM) grid based on nakshatras of the occupants, to orienting the building to achieve ‘Eesha-Praachi’ orientation for the house; the underlying framework of design and directions is based on Aayadi vaastu.

Each design aspect of ‘Architecture for Well being’: from bringing ample daylight in all rooms and direct winter sun deep inside the house to balancing geo-pathic stresses during construction; from using natural materials ( as much possible) to planning for vitalized water; from creating field-free-zones in bedrooms to designing lighting system to facilitate circadian rhythm ….and many more unique design strategies have informed the design of this upcoming project.

The house may be named 'Guru Vanam' or 'Guru Sharanam'.

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