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The manifestation from nothing (SUBTLE) to something (GROSS) follows an interesting sequence.

1. Our brain/body (consider it as an antennae) catches or resonates with a vibration or impulse of energy (plus information or pattern contained in it) from the ‘BIG MIND’ that surrounds us ( from the space envelop we are immersed in) and we perceive this resonance as ‘A THOUGHT’ ( or sometime a mere feeling). We then ‘OWN’ some of the ‘more intense’ thoughts and label them as ‘OUR’. From then on we ( the small mind/ ego) starts taking ownership of such thought ( or desires or wishes). Till this time, the impulse we received is in ‘subtle’ form only with a ‘POTENTIAL’ to manifest – it has not yet manifested (Imagine it as POTENTIAL ENERGY!)

2. When we SPEAK out that thought, we impart it with sound energy (NAAD) and first level of manifestation happens – subtle manifests in the AURAL REALM . The Un-manifest can now be ‘heard’ and potential energy appears as ‘SOUND ENERGY’! yet it still cannot be seen or touched.

3. When same thought is WRITTEN OR DRAWN, it gains visibility and second level of manifestation happens – subtle manifests in the VISIBLE REALM. The Un-manifest can now be ‘seen’! Potential energy appears as ‘LIGHT ENERGY’! ..... yet it still cannot be touched.

4. When same thought is given a SHAPE through ACTION (sculpted or designed as a built-form), it gains ‘touch-ability’ and now the thought we had in the start has become an object. It can be perceived by multiple senses – seen, touched and perhaps even heard (if it makes sound!) or smelled (if it has fragrance!) or tasted (if it is edible!)

5. Through these stages the un-manifest becomes perceivable by our senses and we say it is now ‘manifest’ or real. This is the biggest limitation of our understanding. Our definition of what is real is limited by our sensory perception of hearing, sight, touch and smell.

6. Most of us can only perceive the GROSS and completely miss to appreciate the ‘CAUSAL POTENTIAL’ behind the manifest world.

7. That POTENTIAL has been called as ‘PURUSHA-TATVA’ and the process of manifestation is given name of ‘PRAKRITI’ by the saints (read scientists) of yore who had decoded the process of how subtle manifests into gross. The play of ‘the-sheer-potential ‘ of this Universe happens as it transforms into various energy forms and then matter. The REALITY as we know it manifests, which also includes us – the observer. The game of life thus goes on from nothing to something and back to nothing….simple!

So how does above decoding help us:

a) Whenever we perceive a FRESH thought or feeling, depending on how much we resonate with it, we choose to either let it NEST in our mind and develop it’s details OR just let it vanish and dissipate.

b) The latent energy of a strongly rooted thought makes us restless within. When we choose to express or speak that thought – with clarity and details - our words now express that latent energy and manifest the subtle into the first level of manifestation – sound!

c) Further when we decide to write (or maybe draw out) that thought, it ‘crystallizes’ into a two dimensional form. Now the latent energy of a thought is visible also and becomes more ‘concrete’!

d) Finally as we decide to act upon that thought and give it a shape, through our action we convert the latent energy of a subtle thought into matter ( as a result of our action). This matter can be felt, smelled, seen and heard i.e what was subtle has now become real to the sensory realm. We call it has now manifested.

e) Above path shows that THROUGH US the journey of NOTHING coverts to SOMETHING. This is just one of the ways how energy converts to matter…..nothing esoteric about it yet still so amazing if we realize how we are part of this divine process.

f) Above understanding can help us realize three facts:

Firstly, our thoughts are best seen as vibrations that our ‘mind-body-instrument’ catches from space. Different people in same space can be thinking so many different thought since they all are resonating at different vibrations within.

Secondly, as human beings we are all a part of a divine process of manifestation ( and dissolution). This scale of this process is so magnificent that our limited intellectual capacity cannot fathom it leave aside express it. We can ‘BE-IN-CONNECT’ with this process as soon as we become deeply still and silent within. Magic of universe is always happening – we just need to plug and play! And those who can sync with this cosmic play realize that:


Thirdly, above understanding of manifestation is core to appreciate the Precept of Aayadi Vaastu - one of the 9 Precepts of Bioenergetic Architecture!

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